2 Important Characteristics of Growth Stocks

It's been a while since I set up this website. Since then I've created a portfolio which some specific shares. For sure you noticed that I'm pretty much a growth investor. I'll try to buy only growth stocks. Let me explain what is a growth stock and how to find one.

Revenue Growth

The most important characteristic of growth stocks is a revenue growth. It describes how does it grew. It might (but don't have to) be a sign how it will grow in the future. 

Welcome Adobe to the Portfolio

I've just invest in another NASDAQ's company. Adobe Systems Incorporated this time.

Let's take a look what's interesting in Adobe. Begin as usually from 10 questions every investor should know.

1. Industry

Software products and services.

2. Competitive Advantage

Creative products, well-known brand, highly-speciatlized.

3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Shantanu Narayen since 2005. Worked before eg. for Apple.

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