Tesla Motors bought

tesla motors bought

It's a high time to buy another shares to portfolio. My challenge is to beat the NASDAQ so I need good shares which will beat the market. Last time I've bought Baidu. The next one is Testa Motors.

That's why I chose Tesla: Let's start to answer 10 questions about Tesla.


1. Industry

Tesla produces luxury electric cars. It's simple as it is.

2. Competitive Advantage

Baidu - my first investment to beat the NASDAQ

baidu investment

On 01/04/2016 I've started the journey to beat the NASDAQ. I've just bought Baidu shares. That's my short explanation why did I choose this company.

It's hard to choose which shares to buy. Let's see what Baidu does and why I bought these shares. Just follow 10 things investors should know about a company before investing.


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